Generative AI Business Applications

An Executive Guide with Real-Live Examples and Case Studies

by David E. Sweenor & Yves Mulkers

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Mastering the Modern Data Stack

An Executive Guide to Unified Business Analytics

by Nick Jewell, PhD

The CIO’s Guide to Adopting Generative AI

Five Keys to Success

by David E. Sweenor & Kalyan Ramanathan

The Future of B2B Marketing

An Author Interview with Kalyan Ramanathan

Decoding the Modern Data Stack

A Live Dive with Dr. Nick Jewell and not-a-Dr. David Sweenor

Modern B2B Marketing

A Practitioner’s Guide for Marketing Excellence

by David E. Sweenor & Kalyan Ramanathan

Modern B2B Marketing Book Cover
Artificial Intelligence exec guide book cover

Artificial Intelligence

An Executive Guide to Make AI Work for Your Business

by David E. Sweenor

Praise for Mastering the Modern Data Stack

Nick Jewell did an awesome job in consolidating the knowledge built over the last decade of modern data architectures into a guide that you inhale in an hour, saving tons of time. Incredible!

David Matyáš, Principal Analytics Consultant

Comprehensive, concise, and actionable—a highly readable resource for anyone trying to wrangle the modern data challenge in their business! Nick’s TinyTechGuide helps you find a clear path through the complex and challenging world of the modern data landscape.

Scott Brown, Distinguished Engineer, Financial Services

“If you’re truly curious about modern data architecture, this is a must-read! Finally, a book that demystifies the Modern Data Stack without getting caught up in vendor or VC hype!

Shaan Mistry, Data Innovator

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